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The third generation LOVOL tractors launched in Russia

lovols.com updated: 2018-10-9

On October 9, 2018, the most important event about professional agricultural machinery in Russia and East Europe, ‘Russian Agricultural Machinery Salon Exhibition’, was held in Moscow. LOVOL presented the event with its five products, TE244, TE354, TB504 and TD1304. LOVOL also took this opportunity to convene the ‘Release for the Third Generation LOVOL Tractors’.

The new products of LOVOL launched on the event are especially designed by LOVOL European Design Team to satisfy demand of Russian markets and are the third generation products catering to local operation environment of farms.

The new products are equipped with engines with high torque, synchronized gear box, powerful horse power and high efficiency. It adopts an integrated drivers’ cabin, air conditioners, sun roof, luxurious decorations, adjustable seats and steering wheels, realizing a first-class confined space with high maneuverability. At the same time, it has LED lamps and taillights, streamlined body, fashionable exterior design with sports feeling. Among all those products, the TB and TD series are equipped with snow blades and front loading device in addition to its functions to facilitate operation in fields. So, it can push snows, shovel earth, grab and lift easily, which can satisfy demand required under various operation conditions. On the event, LOVOL products won universal appraisal from all users and experts presenting the event with its fashionable exterior design and advanced technology.

Sources suggest that LOVOL, as China’s leading enterprise in agricultural machinery, firmly follows the concept of innovation and the development model of ‘Global R&D, Global Manufacturing and Distribution’ in order to accelerate its globalization. In recent years, LOVOL acquired ARBOS and MaterMacc factories and completed its construction of the overseas full value chain operation platform in Europe. Then, it started its deployment in Russia and actively explored Russian markets by building market operation department and centers for promotion, service and accessories. LOVOL servicemen who station in Russia can communicate with end users more conveniently and regularly and settle their problems occurred to them in operation, thus realizing localized operation.

We believe that LOVOL will be able to service Russian agricultural machinery users with its reliable quality and excellent performance and provide more ‘Chinese energy’ to the development of Russian agriculture.



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