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Q1304 lovol tractor

Q1304 lovol tractor

Q1304 Lovol tractor adopts 16 + 8 synchronizer to shift gears. It is an agricultural model developed by Lovol Arbos European technology team, which is suitable for families, small, medium, and large farms. Q Series tractors have the characteristics of comfortable driving, high efficiency, economical and energy-saving, reliable performance, etc., bringing you a new experience of high efficiency, multi-function, lasting power, and comfortable operation.

Main Features

1.LOVOL TQ1304 tractor, designed and manufactured by the European technology team, is a product for dry fields and multi-functional applications.

2.Using the engine satisfies the EuroⅡ emission standards, torque reserve coefficient ≥ 30%, traction force up to 29.5 KN; Synchronizer 16F+8R gear, easy to shift; Body appearance upgrade, high handling comfort.

3.Using LUK clutch, the United States Actuant instrument, strengthen front axle and chassis; Key parts and components are purchased from all over the world. The average Meaning time between faults is 220 hours, High product reliability.


Model: Shangchai 7H

Horsepower: 130HP

Displacement: 6.5L

Torque: ≥580 NM


Gearshift: 16+8

Technical route: Synchronizer shift

Speed range:1.65-35.44 km/h

PTO speed: 540/1000 r/min


Lifting power: 23KN

Three-point suspension type: Category 2

Hydraulic output flow: 63L/min

Number of multi-way valves: 3


L * W * H : 5060 * 2285 * 3100mm

Wheelbase: 2700mm

Ground clearance: 470mm

Turning radius: 4.7±0.3m

Minimum use quality: 5500kg

Tire size: 14.9-26/18.4-38

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