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P5130 Arbos tractor

  • P5000 could equip with differentimplements, such as plow, rotary tiller, seeder, furrower and trailer etc., as will as combine tillage machinery, also can supply power to water pump, thresher.
  • Steamline cabin is newly designed with attractive appearance, good sealing performance, and noise lower than 80dB. It has optimized ergonomics design, makes more comfortable. All operating buttons and lovers are conveniently touchable, which can reduces operating fatigure after long time work.
  • Efficient turbochagerengine iwth a torque reserve up to 40% can ensure better fuel saving. Fuel consumption is low at 210g/kwh. The imported Mita semi-split hydraulic lifter the modulating accuracy and the lifting forces has been improved 10% more or less than lical lifters.
  • It has wide application with implements with high efficiency. 30 forwarding plus 30 reversing shifts allows a wide range of speed, from 0.3 to 40km/h, which can fulfull all kinds of work.
  • The gears and speed are seat suitable, shift gears orederly. There are more gears for the users to choose in the major speed range(4-14km/h), which can improve efficieny and meet multi-operation.
Engine typeElectronic control, high pressure common rail
Cylindrs/rated speed4/2200(5110), 6/2200(5120,5130,5140,5150)
Rated engine power (net/total)(kW)73.5/81, 81/88.2, 88.2/95.6, 95.6/102.9, 98.8/107.4
Main gearbox/gearFive speed, synchro/30+30
change shiftsynchro shutle shift+wet chlcth two speed powershift +creeper
Clutch13-inch double dry clutch LUK
differential lock/4WDelectrohydraulic engegement
Radial tire13.6R28/18.4R38
Rear wheeltrack(mm)1630-1938
Turning radius(m)4.65(5110,5120), 5.45(5130,5140,5150)

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Arbos Tractor

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