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P3504 ARBOS tractor

  • The Lovol ARBOS P3504 wheeled tractor is a high ground clearance tractor designed for paddy field operations. The P3504 is equipped with the Japanese Yanmar 4TNV88 engine with a displacement of 2.19L. It adopts natural aspiration and has low fuel consumption and strong power.It is equipped with a three-stage fuel filter with an electronic fuel pump; It has electronic flameout control system.
  • Japan’s original high performance engine. It is fuel-saving, reliable and powerful.
  • It has light weight, small steering radius, high ground clearance, thus it is more suitable for paddy field operations.
  • Using synchronizer shuttle shifting, side control of main and range shift, shock absorbing floor, etc., it is in line with paddy field operation habits. It can be equipped with agricultural machinery such as disc plough, disc harrow, rotary tiller, etc., and has good adaptability to working conditions.
  • The appearance adopts the Italian design concept, with built-in air filter and the built-in silencer, the appearance is simple and atmospheric. It is powerful and reliable.
Model4×4Wheel type
Rated traction(kN)10.2
Maximum lifting force(kN)10.1
Maximum power of PTO shaft(kW)28.9-33.3
Steering angle(°)50
Structure mass(kg)1615
Minimum use mass(kg)1780
Speed range(km/h)2.54-26.36
Length (including rear suspension)(mm)3400
Width (common tread, outside of standard tires)(mm)1570
Height (standard tire)(mm)2260
Front wheel(mm)1150
Tread front wheel adjustment modeNon-adjustable
Rear wheel(mm)1155、1225、1325、1353、1453
Tread rear wheel adjustment modeStep adjustable
Minimum ground clearance(mm)365(Traction plate bracket)
Agronomic clearance(mm)400
Unilateral braking used(m)2.9
Unilateral braking not used(m)3.2
Front wheel(kg)700
Rear wheel(kg)1080
Trademark or brandYanmar
Cylinder number4
Cylinder diameter × stroke(mm)88×90
Delivery capacity(L)2.19
Rated power(kW)36.8
Rated speed(r/min)2800
Maximum torque / speed(N·m/r/min)458.1/1091
Total Power at rated point Specific fuel consumption(g/kW·h)256.6
Fuel tank(L)50
Engine oil pan(L)9
Chassis oil(L)27
Front drive axle(L)4

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Arbos Tractor

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