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Lovol’s new tractors sell well at abroad

lovols.com updated: 2017-3-29

‘If you cultivate more in spring, you will harvest more in autumn’. It is just the season for spring cultivation in Serbia, and six blue Foton Lovol M904 tractors are cultivating back and forth in the field. ‘The beautiful and powerful Lovol tractor from China works efficiently in the farmland’, Ishirly John, a farmer from Serbia, said contentedly accompanying with the rumbling noise of tractor and the flying dust. The new generation of Lovol tractor has rapidly become the ‘God-like machine’ of overseas users for spring cultivation by virtue of its novel appearance and strong power.

The newly designed Foton Lovol tractor, integrating the family genetic characteristics of Lovol Brand, is not only novel and magnificent in style, but also more comfortable and quiet in damping and noise reduction systems; and the optimized manipulation platform, the flat floor, the front and rear adjustable steering wheel, and the up and down adjustable luxury and wide seats have significantly improved the efficiency and comfort of driving and manipulation.

In addition to comfortable driving, this tractor is also equipped with Lovol’s new turbocharging diesel engine, in which the electronic unit pump technology is applied and ECU is used to accurately control the oil injection time and quantity, making the oil consumption lower and power stronger. Meanwhile, two-stage air filtering system, near-end exhaust system and extra-large cooling system are used, which effectively prolongs the service life of the engine. This ‘mindful’ design has effectively enhanced the competitiveness of Chinese agricultural machinery products at abroad.

‘High-end customization’ is a magic weapon for Lovol’s product to sell well at abroad. Lovol always keeps up with the market demand, and segments the operation conditions of users, the changes in customer’s need, as well as the operation environment and geographical characteristics based on the market and user’s needs. Lovol requires relevant personnel to record the key data collected in each business trip and dispatching service so as to provide full and accurate information for R&D of product and business reform, avoid act blindly and make the products more ‘acceptable’.

To better meet the customer’s demand, Lovol follows the agricultural development trend, and upgrades its technological standard to continuously improve its manufacturing level of tractors. Lovol has been leading in the rapid industrial upgrading the independent research and development of core technologies such as tractor synchronizer and power shifting in recent years. Moreover, Lovol has further segmented its market, and researched and developed various specialized models for agricultural mechanization operation such as garden, lawn, cane field, orchards and vineyards, potatoes, paddy field, cotton field, animal husbandry, snow removal and municipal tractors while strengthening the development of tractors for basic farmland operation. This has effectively driven the sales growth of specialized tractors, and has met the unique requirements of users.

To promote the transformation and upgrading of the whole marketing service system, and make ‘Lovol’ brand much closer to the users, Lovol has created a multilingual e-commerce service platform, through which the ‘remote fault diagnosis system’ is implemented in aspects like user repair report, customer training and parts marketing. Meanwhile, the experts can diagnose the ‘difficult’ faults in a timely manner, develop the corresponding maintenance solution, and rapidly provide the correct part code. Through remote video training, pictures, texts and audio in the cell phone can be transmitted so as to make ‘face to face’ interaction with the service experts, providing the users with more convenient, comfortable and intimate services.

Under the characteristic development mode of ‘R&D in Europe, and manufacturing and distributing all around the world’, Lovol grasps the opportunity for industrial upgrading and integration, and firmly promotes the innovation of marketing service mode by continuously increasing the investment in scientific and technological innovation so as to accelerate its globalization, keep on leading in the industry, create more values for users, and make greater contributions to the global agricultural mechanization undertaking.



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