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Lovol works for Abuja-Kaduna rail line in Nigeria

lovols.com updated: 2016-6-1

On June 1 local time, Nigeria’s Abuja-Kaduna rail line constructed by China underwent a test run. This rail line, starting from Abuja, the capital city located in southern Nigeria, to Kaduna in northern Nigeria, with a total length of 186.5km, is the first ‘landmark’ railway project of Chinese standards. During the construction of this modern railway, Lovol construction machines busily ran on the construction sites and served as a ‘trailbreaker’ to effectively ensure the progress of the project.

It is said that the Lovol loaders and excavators that have participated into the construction of Nigeria’s Abuja-Kaduna rail line are innovative products with upgrading energy saving technology developed by Lovol in recent years. The Lovol loaders and excavators feature strong power, high reliability, safety, and comfort. Their vehicle circuits adopt dustproof design. The comprehensive wear resistance of grab buckets is raised by 50%. Air cooling engines can still operate well under continuous high temperature. The ventilation volume of air conditioners exceeds industry standard value by 50%. Furthermore, leakage is effectively avoided with the help of advanced technology.

In addition to the capability to cope with complex working conditions, Lovol construction machinery, possessing strengths like small turning radius and equivalent unloading technique under multi-stage power configuration, can realize the optimization of power, maneuverability and energy saving performance, fully guaranteeing the maximum use value.

During the railway construction, dozens of Lovol loaders and excavators have undertook various heavy load tasks, such as gravel handling and transporting, hard rock tunneling and crushing, and wood forklifting. Mr. Lan, a construction manager from Chengdu, Sichuan, said: ‘The Abuja-Kaduna rail line carries Nigerians’dream of railway modernization. During the six-year-long construction, over 50 Lovol loaders and excavators here on the sites have become the main force. Advantages like excellent quality, high reliability, fuel efficiency, and timely service have made them the main players in the construction team.’ 

To ensure the smooth going of the project, Lovol Heavy Industry always places customers’ needs first and sends service teams to the sites. Meanwhile, two parts centers have been deployed to ensure seamless supply, providing assistance in the construction of the railway. Lovol construction machines have actively participated into more than ten major African construction projects, earning increasing brand awareness and market share.



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