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Lovol wheel loaders serve Australian modern farms

lovols.com Updated: 2015-1-4

Australia is a vast area but sparsely populated, and most of its people live in towns and cities.

As a result, its agricultural development is largely reliant on modern technologies and advanced equipment. Walking into an Australian farm, one could easily see the international name-brand advanced farm equipment of various kinds, which replace previous laborers as the main working force there.

Tractors and loaders manufactured by Lovol are a preference for local farmers, thus becoming a part of the farm’s modern equipment and jointly serving modern farms in Australia.

On October 31, Lovol’s client review personnel took a four-hour ride before they came to a farm, some 300 km northwest of Canberra.

The owner’s name is Luke Kimber. His farm covers an area of 600 hectares, on which pasture and corn grow alongside some 1000 cows. These animals can produce over 30 tons of milk every day.

The farm is outfitted with such facilities as the cattle raising center and the milking center, where the work is completely done by automated machines or equipment instead of workers on traditional farms.

Luke is one of Lovol’s old customers. He had bought a Lovol’s tractor in as early as 2012. After using it for a while, he got a keen feeling that Lovol’s tractor was indeed powerful and reliable. As his farm continues to expand, he bought three Lovol’s FL936F loaders in one purchasing this April.

When the company’s staff arrived at his farm, Luke was processing the farm’s feed using Lovol’s loader—forked, loaded and stacked the bundled-up alfalfa feed, and then loaded the crusher with raw materials.

The loader can also be used to dispose the garbage and shovel and load building materials for construction work on the farm. Its assistive device proved a great satisfaction for customer’s needs. Lovol’s personnel examined each and every component of the Lovol tractor and loaders purchased by Luke, cleaned machines’parts, if necessary, and gave the machines a full range of repairing and maintenance services.

After that, they introduced some precautions in corrective maintenance of Lovol’s products to Luke, which left him with a deeper understanding of Lovol products’ performance and maintenance skills.

Luke told us that, Australia has a developed agriculture and animal husbandry, and its demand for dairy products remains stubbornly high. All this requires that the machines and equipment used by farms be highly reliable.

When asked why he chose to buy Lovol’s products, he replied, ‘In recent years, many farms in Australia have bought products of Lovol, and they have a reliable quality, a low maintenance rate and remarkable after-sale services, so I trust this brand.’



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