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Lovol unveiled new products at 2018 Expo Georgia

lovols.com updated: 2019-1-7

The annual Agro / Food / Drink / Tech Expo Georgia recently met the audiences in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital. An influential agricultural machinery exhibition with lots of followings in the Central Asia and CIS countries, the expo has attracted more than 300 quality exhibitors and 20,000 professional visitors.

Arrays of new Lovol products were brought to the site. Fashionable design and advanced technologies have won Lovol products rave comments from both users and experts. We have received over 100 customers and entered into sales contracts for 40+ tractors valuing more than 3 million yuan.

The Saint George’s Day, a traditional festival of Georgia, was also celebrated during the expo. As a response to the festival, our booth was decorated with local styles, with Chinese candies and renowned Georgian wine free for all to taste and sip.

Pillars of Georgian agriculture include planting, animal husbandry, agro-processing, forestry, and fishery. Growing grapes is popular in Georgian, one of the birthplaces for making mine. Tractors tailored for orchard operation, therefore, sell quickly in the country. Lovol presented multiple tractors designed for vineyard work. With a horsepower from 25 to 60, they can fulfill tasks including spraying, weeding, rotary tilling, and trailing, and work with tools such as loader, snow shovel, bander, and chipper, a necessary help that every farm needs.

Mr. Linhart from coastal city Batumi owns a garden of subtropical plants located 9 km north of the city. It is home to countless ornamental plants. Next to it are a 20-hectare vineyard and winery. In 2006, Mr. Linhart bought a Lovol tractor for his vineyard. Impressed by its excellent performance, he followed to bring home more than 20 Lovol tractors of all sizes, used in his garden and vineyard for chipping wood and transporting things. This year, he bought another three Lovol tractors to upgrade his inventory. ‘I trust the brand for durable and worry-free performance!’ He exclaimed.

After exporting its first tractor to Georgia in May 2012, Lovol has sold nearly 1,000 tractors to Georgian users in more than 6 years. To offer better aftersales service, Lovol has built a special service center and a huge network of marketing and service for localized operation. Dedicated to offering ‘Beautiful, Useful, Inexpensive’ products, Lovol will continue to be a help in facilitating local agriculture and economy as it furthers its edge in global competition and fetches more overseas market share.



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