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LOVOL tractors support forestry production in Zambia

lovols.com updated: 2020-3-23

The republic of Zambia is a landlocked country insouth-central Africa, mostly in the highlands, but with good infrastructure and transport. Wood is one of the country’s main exports, the most famous of which is sandalwood.

In many of Zambia’s sandalwood farms, mostly durable tractors are used to transport timber, some of which include LOVOL tractors, their blue bodies, shuttling freely in the forest farm, have become the main force of forestry production, and are deeply favored by many forest ownersand machine operators.

At the logging site, after the wood loggers cut the wood, LOVOL tractor with a fork grabbed the logs and placed them in a specialized trailer, which was then towed by the LOVOL tractor to a processing plant or a lumber warehouse.

‘Our forest farm bought eight LOVOL 824 tractors in April 2016 to grab and transport wood. It has been nearly three years and has been working more than 10 hours a day. Each has been used for more than 10,000 hours and has never broken down, also the tractors are economical and fuel-efficient with beautiful appearance and strong power. It is really a wonderful masterpiece!’ said Lufizia, a forest owner.

Since entering Zambia in 2010, the LOVOL tractor has been recognized by a wide range of users with its advantages of beautiful appearance, sufficient power, high working efficiency, low maintenance cost and timely service. In the local farmland, cotton fields, forest farms, pastures and other places, LOVOL tractors actively participate in the local farmland infrastructure construction, everywhere have their busy figure. Their overall quality has withstood the severe test, the market share is rising, and brand awareness is also expanding.

‘High-end customization’ is the magic weapon to win the overseasmarket of LOVOL heavy industry products. Product improvement take the marketand user demand as the guide, and segmented the operating conditions of users,changes in customer demand, operating environment and regional characteristics,which making the product more ‘approachable’. In order to better meet the needs ofcustomers, LOVOL, while strengthening tractors for basic farmland operations, has further subdivided market and developed multi-purpose special models such as gardens, lawns, sugarcane orchards, orchards, vineyards, potatoes, paddy fields, cotton fields,animal husbandry, forest farms, transportation, snow removal, municipal and sightseeing, which have effectively driven the growth of sales of special tractors, met the needs of users and continuously led the industry to leapfrog upgrading.

In recent years, LOVOL has seized the opportunity of industrial upgrading and industry integration, through continuously increasing the investment in scientific and technological innovation, unswervingly promoting the innovation of marketing service mode, speeding up the pace of globalization, maintaining the leading position in theindustry, creating more value for users, and helping ‘China Smart Building’ to move to the high end.



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