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Lovol tractors promoting the production of orchards in Chile

lovols.com updated: 2016-8-22

In an orchard in central Chile, more than 10 blue Lovol tractors are spraying pesticides and weeding in the orchard, which turns to be a bright scenery of local orchard operation.

Situated in the west coast of South America continent, Chile is a traditional agricultural and husbandry country. In recent years, along with t he development of agricultural mechanization and the introduction of various subsidy policies to promote agricultural development by the government, the holding volume of tractors has increased quickly and the level of agricultural mechanization has been improved.

Since entering into Chile in 2005, by virtue of their advantages of elegant appearance, strong power, high efficiency, low maintenance cost and timely after-sales service, Lovol tractors have been recognized by many users. In local orchards, farmlands and livestock farms you will find Lovol tractors fully functioning.

After many years of service, these tractors have proved their good general quality in various hardships, with the market share keeping increasing and the brand awareness expanding ceaselessly.

Ahmad Irm (v), a user of Lovol tractor, said, ‘Lovol tractor has elegant appearance, strong power and timely after-sales service and parts supply. I have used the tractor for almost eight years for pesticides spraying, weeding control and fruit transportation in the orchard. No big problem, the quality is great.’

Chile is one of the most important markets of Lovol Heavy Industry. In recent years, Lovol Heavy Industry has tailored the product portfolio conforming to local environment of Chile. Meanwhile, Lovol Heavy Industry has invested to build several parts warehouses and service centers in Chile and assigned service professionals to offer on-site service and after-sales service to help the users bringing the tractors into maximized play, which facilitates local farmers getting richer and further contributes to the agricultural mechanization development in Chile.



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