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Ivan Jef, formerly a tractor driver in a collective farm, is a farmer who lives at the suburb of Balti, Moldova. Since 2007, Ivan Jef had been using a LOVOL tractor in field work. These days, he has three LOVOL tractors and multiple kinds of agricultural machinery & implements, winning him the name of ‘Major Planting Farmer’ and ‘Major Agricultural-machinery Farmer’.

In Moldova, 80% national territorial area is black-soil high-yield field. The sunflower is a main economic crop, which is sown in early April every year and harvested at the end of September; during April to September, such operation links must be performed as fields ploughing, soil preparation, seeding, chemicals spraying, weeding, soil loosening, reaping, transportation, etc.

In early 2010, after careful consideration, Ivan Jef bought a LOVOL 25-horsepower tractor, a reversible plow, a seeder, a spraying machine and a trailer. It just took him one day to plough his land (2 hectares) with the new tractor. The surrounding farmers all turned to him after knowing his high efficiency and excellent ploughing effect. As of seeding, he totally ploughed and prepared 320 hectares of land, earning profit over 300,000 Rei. Deducting the labor cost and fuel expenses, he had completely recovered agricultural-machinery purchase cost just within one year with a little surplus.

Through two years of efforts, Ivan Jef had not only built a new house but also bought a car, and began a prosperous life. In 2013, after consultation with his family, he bought another 100-horsepower LOVOL tractor; this 100-horsepower “Big Machine” greatly improved the efficiency. Right before seeding, the farmers queued up to request his unique help, making him too busy to attend to all. He ploughed 600-700 hectares of farmland for the farmers just in that year.

Again in 2015, he bought a 90-horsepower LOVOL transport-type tractor and trailer to transport fertilizers and crops. During snow days, he would drive the LOVOL tractor equipped with a snow blade to remove the snow on the streets in Balti and in schools, welfare institutions and nursing home. Mayor of Balti was personally awarded him with a medal of “Good Citizen”, making Ivan Jef famous locally.

In order to serve users better, LOVOL has founded Convenience and Maintenance Service Stations in Balti and other 14 important agricultural cities, providing after-sales services and supplying spare parts, and established the quick response mechanism for repair, which, by combining with mobile phones and Internet service platform, achieves effective and high-efficient services. The users also speak highly of LOVOL’s mode of providing ’24/7 Service’.

Ivan Jef said, ‘LOVOL tractor let us enjoy a better life. LOVOL’s Convenience and Maintenance Service Stations really bring more conveniences to us; the occasional tour inspection service organized by LOVOL’s service staff also enable them to discover and timely handle the hidden troubles without leaving any worries behind. ‘



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