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Lovol tractors exported to Algeria

lovols.com updated: 2017-5-21

At 11 a.m. local time on May 21, a lot of users went to the Hypermarket of Lovol (Algeria) Dealer Headquarters after they heard that the new generation of Lovol tractors purchased by Algerian Government arrived.
Abudul Ali from Algeria is a loyal user who purchases the first batch of Lovol tractor earliest. From 2010 till now, he purchased four sets of Lovol tractors for his 40 ha. of orchard and field.

After hearing that the complete new generation of tractors pushed by Lovol arrived at Lovol’s deal HQ in Algiers, the capital of Algeria, Ali went to the hypermarket by motorcycle at once on the morning of May 21, being the first user to arrive at the scene for investigation and visit. Zhang Lei, a server from Lovol possession, warmly received him. He paid a deposit to purchase a set of novel Lovol tractor 504 at once after Zhang Lei introduced local improvement and operation features of the new product in details.

‘LOVOL is perfect!’ Abudul Ali said to the local service team a sentence learned from the interpreter that is ‘Mr. Zhang, I am the No.1! You must give me a present, so I can show off to my peers in my village.’ After going through formalities, he joked. ‘I have used your tractor for many years. No problem! No any trouble! Thank you for improving the new product after hearing our suggestions. I have no additional worries as long as you’re here. ‘

Our lovely user, Ali, recommends Lovol tractor to his neighbors, and also shares his use experiences to them. Now, Ali and his neighbors not only become the Lovol tractor’s users, but also the local service team’s friends. The first-hand suggestions from them have also become Lovol tractor’s new power for continuous improvement and innovation.

I finally got ‘you’.
Asoul Mohamed is more than 50 years old from Chlef, a town in the north of Sahara Desert. While hearing the reliable information that Lovol’s new tractors would be arrived, he couldn’t wait that Lovol issued new tractors to the secondary outlets, and woke up his sleeping son to drive for 600km to Algiers dealer HQ to purchase two sets of new generation of Lovol tractors 504 in full. He was the second tractor purchase user after Abudul Ali.
In communication with the old, he said excitedly, ‘the majority of people use Lovol tractor in our town for its excellent performance with few breakdowns. I have been expecting the arrival of the new tractor after hearing that Lovol will push forward the local improved novel model. I finally wait for ‘you’ today.’

Later on, Zhang Lei, Lovol’s local server, provided full training on operation and use as well as maintenance for the old, and cooperated with the old for field test. The old was very satisfied with various functions of the new generation of Lovol tractor, and vigorously said that his waiting for half a year was worthwhile.

For the long journey, he immediately departed for home urgently to introduce new Lovol members to his families after leaving the service hotline.Soon after, Zhang Lei received a pack of date palm mailed by the old. The old thanked Lovol service team members in the message.



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