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Lovol tractors enjoy popularity in Romania

lovols.com updated: 2016-6-24

As wheat harvest season is approaching, more than a dozen Lovol tractors is busily shuttling back and forth to transport wheat and straws in a farm on the outskirts of Bucharest, capital of Romania, presenting a beautiful view in the harvest season.

In recent years, agriculture and animal husbandry departments at all levels in Romania have taken a variety of measures to promote agricultural mechanization as well as the transformation and upgrading of traditional agriculture and animal husbandry with a focus on increasing the income of farmers and herdsmen and the efficient supply of agricultural products.

To seize this opportunity, Lovol takes quick actions and conducts market researches in Romania to understand the actual needs of local users in current agricultural situation.

Field visits reveal that local users pay huge attention to factors like prices, reliability, capabilities to meet the needs of multiple operations, and timely services when they purchase tractors. Lovol tractors have enjoyed recognition from customers with advantages like nice appearance, fuel efficiency, low maintenance cost, high operation efficiency, durability, convenience for hanging various agricultural machines and tools, and timely service and parts supply.

In 2010, the first Lovol tractor was exported to Romania. Now, Lovol tractors have taken up one quarter of the market in the country, and Lovol brand awareness continues to increase.

Lovol tractors can be seen everywhere in Romania’s wheat fields, orchards and livestock farms. Charrison, a user, says: ‘Lovol tractors have good-looking appearance, strong power, high reliability, as well as timely after-sales service and supply of spare parts. My own tractor that has been used for six years is of high quality and is a good helper in our farm.’

To present good after-sales service and reliable Lovol products to users in Romania, Lovol Heavy Industry has sent service professionals to provide trainings of tractor use and maintenance to local users, which helps customers maximize the role of tractors, improves the level of agricultural mechanization in the area, and contributes to the increase of income and productivity of local farmers.



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