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Lovol tractors attended US National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

lovols.com updated: 2018-5-25

A user from Kentucky of US said, ‘I bought three 35 horse-power Lovol tractors for works on farms. Now, I have used for more than 3 years, and I have encountered very few troubles. The service and accessories are always convenient and easy to obtain. I feel satisfactory. On this Exhibition, I saw the new tractor of Lovol designed specially for US markets. The appearance, configuration and crafts have all been improved, so I would like to purchase 2 more 55 horse-power tractors.’

On February 14, US National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition opened in Louisville of Kentucky. Lovol presented the exhibition with its four categories of tractors, namely the TS254, TS354, TB454 and TB554, and the seeders which were highly appraised by users and experts on the event with its vogue design and advanced crafts.

US enjoys a very developed agriculture and high level of mechanization, with over 2.2 million farms and 920 million acres of arable land. The products displayed on the exhibition are specially designed by Lovol for US markets, which satisfy the needs of 3rd generation tractors as required in local farms. They are equipped with engines with high torque, chassis with high strength and synchronizer gear box, which are more efficient and more economic in oil consumption and are highly improved with regard to reliability and durability.

On the exhibition, numerous visitors gathered around the booth of Lovol with strong buying intentions. Altogether, there were over 50 customers visiting our booth and sales contracts of selling over 80 products had been concluded on site.

Sources suggest that there are over ten thousand tractors of Lovol H.I. in US since its first product was sold to US in 2005. At the same time, Lovol H.I. also established service centers in US and has built a complete sales service channel. Lovol tractors have now become very good assistants in agricultural production in US.



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