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Lovol tractor made a stage pose on Agro-Food and Drink and Tech Expo Georgia 2017 brilliantly

lovols.com updated: 2018-1-29

Recently, Agro-Food and Drink and Tech Expo Georgia was held in the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi. It is reported that this Expo is an influential regional agricultural equipment exhibition in Central Asia and the region of CIS, and a total of more than 300 high-quality manufacturers attended the expo and attracted nearly 20,000 professional visitors all over the world.

What was exhibited on the Expo was the global mainstream brands of agricultural machinery and the local well-known brands of agricultural equipment and products in Georgia. In order to show the new products of Lovol and expand the overseas marketing channels, Foton Lovol made a stage pose together with several affiliated new products of the tractor.
Georgia is one of the places of origin for the wine-making process in the world, and the grape planting industry covers a wide range, so the horticultural tractor is very popular here.

To adapt to the local operations of vineyard, Foton Lovol brought out four types of tractor dedicated for the vineyard operations, covering four HP sections like 25,45,50 and 60, in addition to meet the requirements for vineyard operations, it can work together with the insecticide sprayers, the front loader, the snow shovel, the trailer, the hay mower, the bander, the rotary cultivator, the edging grinder and other machines and tools for operations, which can meet the demands for multiple operations.

On this Expo, the gorgeous Lovol tractor gained a great deal of fans again. Bashilashvili, a farmer from Gulia District, has a manor, and planted 100 hectares of grape, and has a pasture with a breeding stock of 4,000. He is a loyal fan of Lovol, and has been using Lovol tractor since 2009. He owns at least 17 or 18 Lovol tractor engaging in the operations like orchard, pasture, transportation, etc. He highly praised that,’The prise of the mutton is rising in recent days, and I plan to enlarge my breeding scale to 10,000 sheep. With the expansion of the pasture, the existing tractors are not enough. The cause for me to attend this Expo is to buy another 7 units of new tractors. As a well-known brand, I feel assured!’

As a leading domestic agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprise, Foton Lovol walks ahead of the industry in technological innovation and product development by enlarging the investment in the scientific and technological innovation to drive the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. All series of tractor manufactured by Foton Lovol adhere to the three principles of ‘aesthetics, practicality and low-cost’, which further strengthens the technical strength of Foton Lovol in middle-to-high end tractor, and gains the competitive edge internationally, resulting in an increase in the global sales.



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