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Lovol tractor becomes popular in Australian leisure farms

lovols.com updated: 2016-1-29

In recent years, with the gradual increase of leisure farms in Australia, local demand for agricultural equipment keeps rising. A variety of automation equipment has replaced traditional farm tools, becoming a driving force to the development of local farms.

By virtue of its fashionable look, superb reliability and excellent quality, Lovol tractor has won the love of many Australian farmers. By integrating into local modern agricultural equipment system, it strives to provide better services for Australian leisure farms.

According to relevant reports, Lovol tractors feature fashionable looks, easy operation, reasonable prices, as well as prompt and considerate services, which greatly satisfy the all-round operation demand of Australian farms. Its quality products and services have won Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. great recognition among its clients.

In December, 2015, Lovol’s overseas service staff came to a leisure farm covering an area of some 100 mu in Brisbane, Australia. When they arrived, David, who is in charge of the farm, was driving a Lovol tractor equipped with a front loader to shovel all sorts of garbage and animal waste in the farm.

At the age of almost 70, David still drove his tractor as freely as a lad. Pointing at an old-style Lovol tractor next to him, David said, ‘This is the first tractor of our farm, which has made great contributions; we have 3 Lovol tractors, all of which are very efficient and easy to handle. Thanks to them, we find it much easier to do the farm work now.’

Lovol’s service staff made a careful and thorough examination of David’s tractors purchased in 2013, cleaned corresponding spare parts, did comprehensive repair and maintenance services, and gave a detailed explanation on the repair and maintenance of Lovol products.

Their visit brought David a profounder understanding of Lovol’s product performance and maintenance techniques. Before the service staff left, David expressed his satisfaction, ‘I am very satisfied with the warm and considerate services offered by Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.; its staff’s frequent door-to-door services provide us with carefree user-experience; and I will surely buy more Lovol products in the future.’

It is understood that since entering Australian market in 2005, Lovol tractor has successfully adapted itself to the operation needs of local pastures and leisure farms. With its superb reliability, excellent quality, as well as sound and complete after-sales service, Lovol has greatly satisfied local market demand in Australia, achieving total sales of about 1,000 sets, establishing a great reputation, and having its influence significantly expanded.



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