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Lovol Snow Tractors Escort Sochi Winter Olympics

lovols.com Updated: 2014-2-8

In the early morning of February 8, 2014 Beijing time, the world’s attention was all attracted to Russia’s most popular city at the coast of Black Sea – Sochi, for the 22nd Winter Olympics grandly opened in Fisht Olympic Stadium.

Before the opening of the Winter Olympics, Sochi was attacked by a heavy snow, being covered in snowy white everywhere.

To ensure smooth traffic in favor of the Winter Olympics, the Organizing Committee and the local municipal authorities urgently mobilized a large number of snow graders to clear the roads.

At the airport, stations and streets was a cleaning force busy sweeping the snow, in which Lovol snow tractors made frequent appearance.

Foton Lovol, based on the demand of the international market, organized an advanced technical force to develop an accessory device for wheeled tractors, hence the rise of Lovol snow tractor.

It is mainly for cleaning snow accumulation on roads, airports and so on. Equipped with the function of automatic obstacle avoidance, it is simply structured and easy to maintain; no need to alter the structure of tractor when installed; suitable for site cleaning of accumulated snow in snowy regions, broadening the range of application of the single-functioned tractors.

It is flexible for use and matches broadly, featured with adjustable angle, wide range of application, etc., combining multiple functions like snow pulling, piling and shoveling.

With the above features, it is very popular in snowy cities. In the snow cleaning-up action during the period of Winter Olympics in Sochi, Lovol snow tractors demonstrated outstanding performance, escorting the success of Winter Olympics.



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