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Lovol shines brightly in Agritech Expo Zambia

lovols.com updated: 2019-4-13

On April 11-13, the 6th edition of Agritech Expo Zambia was held at the GART Research Centre in Zambia, attracting the world’s attention to this promising and highly developing land again. This Expo is a professional event in Zambia and even the south-central Africa, at which the famous enterprises from China and African countries have exhibited their masterpieces.

As a leader in China’s agricultural equipment manufacturing industry, Lovol has always been taking the lead in promoting Sino-African cooperation. At this Expo, Lovol exhibited its star tractor products, marking a significant milestone in the development of Sino-African relations.

Agriculture is an important sector in Zambia’s national economy. Nearly two-thirds of Zambia’s population is engaged in agriculture. At present, Zambia has exploited 6.2 million hectares of arable land, accounting for only 14% of the total arable land. In recent years, Zambia has vigorously promoted economic privatization and diversification, actively attracted foreign investments, maintained sustainable economic growth momentum, steadily advanced various undertakings, and played a more and more important role in regional and international affairs. Zambia is now like an eagle ready to fly up on the African continent.

Zambian President Edgar C. Lungu was also present at the Expo. When coming to Lovol’s booth, he was attracted by the beautiful appearance of Lovol’s tractor and consulted the Chinese representative on the site about the performance of the tractor. The Chinese representative introduced to President Lungu in detail that the tractor is made in China and features excellent performance and that the tractor can realize automatic operation in the whole process from sowing, intertillage to harvesting. The tractor is in short supply in China. President Lungu nodded and praised that the tractor will, after put into use, greatly improve the efficiency of agricultural machinery and play an irreplaceable role in building Zambia’s green agricultural and animal husbandry industrial cluster and alleviating the food shortage.

The complete intelligent agricultural machinery solution provided by Lovol in recent years will help agricultural machinery users to improve the management of agricultural production and promote the transformation of agriculture from traditional operation to precision operation. China and Zambia have a long history of friendly exchanges, although they are separated by vast oceans. Lovol will strive to take root in Africa, well serve farmers, help partners to take off and become a bright ‘card’ for Sino-African cooperation.



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