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Lovol safeguards barn of europe by concluding orders of 600 tractors from Ukraine

lovols.com updated: 2018-5-25

At the start of the year, when everything looks great and flourishing, Lovol received encouraging news about its overseas business, i.e. concluding orders of 600 tractors from Ukraine, and witnessed a good start of its export business of tractors.

The orders cover such three horse-power categories of flagship products, i.e. 25, 50, 90. These products will be mainly used for tillage, inter-tillage, weeding and other field operations and will sometimes be used for sweeping snows and other operations for the purposes of municipal administration. Therefore, they are widely used and welcomed by local users.

Sources suggest that Ukraine is one of the world’s four largest ‘Black Land Areas’ with a black land area of about 1.9 million km2, and is praised as Barn of Europe as the land there is fertile and resources are rich. Ukraine is in great demand of agricultural machinery and has always been the key market for agricultural machinery enterprises. However, after the Ukraine Wars and Economic Crisis in 2014, the food price dropped significantly and the local purchasing power shrank, thus resulting in serious shrinking of market demand for agricultural machinery.

However, the weak agricultural machinery market in Ukraine makes Lovol’s products more competitive. The Market Department of Lovol Ukraine launched a series of strategy for local markets and regulated the portfolio of its tractor products by covering all horse-power categories of 25-40, 45-70 and 75-100 and realizing coexistence of 2nd and 3rd generation car body products instead of just focusing on 25 horse-power series products, thus successfully developing the two special machinery, Lovol ME354 and MD1304, and enriching the product portfolio.

However, our unremitting efforts are repaid. From the latter half of 2015, the sales volume of Lovol tractors in Ukraine started growing, and Lovol completed its target of exporting nearly 1000 tractors in the year 2017, increased by 78% year on year and reversed the unfavorable conditions. Up until now, the Ukraine market has about ten thousand tractors from Lovol. This is also a classical example of the philosophy of ‘Customer First’ and overseas business expansion by Lovol.

As a domestic leading player in agricultural equipment, Lovol has accelerated its merge with the Road and Belt strategy, completed its setup of overseas whole value chain operation platform in Europe and gradually promoted its development in Asia and Africa while realizing local operation in Europe. On the road of globalization, Lovol pushes forward from both the east and west and forges a new route to facilitate domestic agricultural machinery enterprises to go global.

With the globalization, the Road and Belt initiative is gradually developing. Lovol promotes the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and the upgrading of whole value chain capacity of services in an orderly manner. At the same time, it keeps expanding its base of friendship in Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa and other countries along the Road and Belt, thus realizing outstanding achievements in practice and concluding huge orders. In 2017, Lovol realized a year-on-year growth rate of 66%, signaling a trend of continuous growth and becoming its new growth point in overseas business.



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