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LOVOL rice harvester exported to Indonesia

lovols.com updated: 2017-11-2

Recently, at LOVOL’s dealer in Jakarta, the capital of the Indonesia, which is known as ‘a Country of Thousand Islands’, more than 30 LOVOL rice harvesters were parked in the store neatly, awaiting for their owner. LOVOL rice harvester in red and white was especially eye-catching when viewed against the blue sky and white cloud.

The weather of Jakarta was favorable for the crops this year, and the rice grew well, and the harvest season was coming. When the users heard the arrival of the rice harvester, they rushed to Jakarta for the new vehicle.
When one of the local customers named Diapason received the key to the harvester, his dark face wore a happy smile.

The tractor drivers got their combine harvester that they have been longing for, blessed each other, and their laughters, songs and blessing lingered around the entire shop. Following the local traditional culture, Diapason placed the tributes on the control console of the harvester, and held a blessing ceremony for the harvester, wishing to end the hard struggles of previous manual harvest, and hoping that this machine could bring him good luck in making money.

On the site of delivery, the officials from the agricultural sector in Indonesia said to the users, ‘We hope you all operate the LOVOL rice harvester purchased by our government correctly, service on schedule, and care it just as you love your wife.’

Everyone on the site burst into laughters. Then, he announced a piece of good news that the LOVOL’s service engineer would come to provide training, and hoped that everyone could learn advanced Chinese technologies, and do not miss the training.

It is reported that for the purpose of expanding the support to agriculture in recent years, the Government of Indonesia purchased agricultural machinery and distributed to the large agricultural growers for free, and such act was greatly welcomed by the local farmers.

Among the previous purchase projects of agricultural machinery made by the Government of Indonesia, LOVOL’s paddy field tractor and rice combine harvester accounted for a large share in sales, of which the inventory of LOVOL’s rice combine harvester has exceeded 500 sets, and its sales have reached 100 sets from January to August in 2017, ranking the first among all brands, and LOVOL ABROS agricultural equipment has become the preferred brand for the Indonesian users, and the following orders still continues



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