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Lovol obtains large order from Mali

lovols.com updated: 2017-5-4

In the middle of March, winning in a new round of bid for agricultural machinery procurement by the Malian government with its Lovol Oubao Tractor boasting excellent product quality and service, Lovol obtained a purchase order for 500 tractors from the Malian government again, which valued CNY 60 million.

This time, it was Lovol Oubao tractor with 50-60 horsepower, the star product, that made Lovol the bid winner and this was the third time to see a breakthrough in order value since the first batch of orders in 2015. Lovol has accumulatively exported up to 7,000 Lovol tractors and machines to Mali, which makes its market share over 95% in Mali.

In recent years, the agricultural machinery demand in Mali has increased abruptly with increasing investment in agricultural infrastructure by the Malian government. Since 2010 when Lovol exported the first tractor to Mali, high quality products and considerate ‘babysitter services’ have left a deep impression on end users and therefore the purchasing quantity constantly increases.

The first two batches of tractors and agricultural machinery, totaling more than 5,000 sets, have been sold out quickly, all of which are used for elemental farmland work, pasture work and transportation operation. Lovol Oubao tractors and related agricultural machinery have currently dominated the Malian market to become a ‘good helper’ to the development of local agriculture, society and economy and to significantly improve the local agricultural mechanization level.

After getting the order, Lovol established a special team to complete this order. In order to make the product adapt to local climate and operating environment, Lovol specially ‘customized’ the product by additionally installing a desert-type air filtering mechanism with two-stage wet-type air filter to make the air inflow cleaner and to increase the product’s adaptability. Lovol also coordinated related production, packaging and shipping departments to follow the schedule and conducted strict control over quality to ensure all order products will be completely produced and shipped at the end of May.

Lovol has achieved excellent performance in Africa market in recent years, earned good reputation and constantly obtained large orders by virtue of its excellent product performance and systematic service support.

In December 2016, the Sudanese government purchased 800 Lovol Gushen harvesters.
In January 2017, the Algerian government purchased 1,000 Lovol Oubao tractors.
In March 2017, the Malian government purchased 500 Lovol Oubao tractors.

As a forerunner of ‘the Belt and Road Initiative’, Lovol has started international market development since 2005, making great achievements. Lovol products have been currently sold to more than 120 countries and regions in the world. Among them, export related to ‘the Belt and Road Initiative’ takes up over 50% of the gross export volume of Lovol.

With the promotion of the national ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, Lovol has the large pattern in mind, accelerates the pace of ‘going out’, insists on the characterized development model of ‘European R&D, global manufacturing and global distribution’, integrates global high-end resources and creates a Chinese model of ‘the Belt and Road Initiative’ in the equipment manufacturing industry to establish long term strategic partnership with more African countries, to assist Africa’s modern agricultural development and to realize simultaneous resonance with national development plans.



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