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Lovol obtained the order of 150 rice harversters from the Indonesian Government

lovols.com updated: 2018-5-24

At the beginning of the New Year, everything takes on a completely new look. On the final round of bid held by the Indonesian Government for the procurement of agricultural equipment, the overseas business of Lovol won another success. Lovol AF88 series of rice combine harvester with longitudinal axial flow obtained a purchase order of 150 sets, making a good beginning at the New Year.

In recent years, the Indonesian Government continued to increase its investment in agricultural infrastructure, and its demands for agricultural machinery increased significantly. In 2017, the Indonesian Government purchased 120 rice combine harvesters of Lovol AF88 series, which were sold out quickly by users after put on the market. In order to meet the actual needs of the farmers, the Indonesian Government decided to allocate special funds, and purchase another 150 rice combine harvesters of Lovol AF88 series so as to guarantee the development of the local agriculture and production and life of the local farmers.

It is reported that, the New Year order for AF88 series of rice combine harvester with longitudinal axial flow obtained this time is a product of Lovol ARBOS agricultural equipment with higher technical content which was developed by great efforts, and is ‘customized’ according to the using habits of the users in Southeast Asia and their operating conditions. With heightening of the ground clearance and better trafficability characteristics, the design of longitudinal axial flow roller enables the width of the machine to become smaller, and improves its performance in threshing and cleaning, so it is very popular among the local users.

Since it entered in the Indonesian market in 2011, Lovol has been adhering to the strategy of ‘Slowly but Surely’, and attached great importance to the improvement of its adaption and service capability. The Southeast Asian marketing team of Lovol go deep into the house of dealers and end users on a regular basis, even to the farm and communicate with the users face to face, listen to their feelings, investigate the using habit of the users, understand their procurement preferences, etc., and get a great deal of first-hand information. In Southeast Asia, its climate is characterized by high temperature and rainy days, and the farmers is used to wearing flip flops, or even work in the paddy field with bare feet, but the pedal for getting on/off the vehicle adopts an upward zigzag-shaped design, although it may play the role of anti-slip, but it may get the farmer’s feet punctured, which is very inconvenient, but such design would be modified soon.

In addition, Lovol also established a comprehensive service system throughout Indonesia, which is also known as ‘a country of ten-thousand islands’, and the overseas service team also stations in the country for long-term service, and offers door-to-door maintenance service, ‘one-to-one’ following-up service and other intimate ‘nanny-style service’ to the users during the busy farming seasons. Meanwhile, the Group established part warehouses in multiple large islands, eliminated the users’ worries, won broad support and endorsement from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Indonesia and the vast number of users, promoted the sales of the Lovol rice harvester in local market vigorously. Hard work pays off, the sales of the rice harvester in Southeast Asia gained rapid development and became the leading brand in the local from only dozens of machine sold annually, with full ‘potential’ for further development.

‘I have used it for more than 3 years, with only minor problem in belt for twice, replacement of engine oil for several times, so I am quite satisfied.’ Dybado, a user from Sumatra Utara, pat the Lovol rice harvester and said excitedly,’I bought this Lovol rice harvester in March 2014, and it was one of the first harvesters with longitudinal axial flow launched in Indonesia. I work with it for 14 to 15 hours a day during the busy farming season, it is very efficient, and is a good helper for me to enrich my family.’

As a leading enterprise in domestic agricultural equipment, Lovol has accelerated its pace in connecting with the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative, completed the construction of the overseas whole-value chain operating platform in European region, promoted the development of the markets in Asia and Africa steadily while realizing the localization operation of Europe, advanced the way ahead for the global development from both the east and the west, and got through a fresh new path for the domestic agricultural machinery enterprises who target at the global development of ‘Going Abroad’.

With the footsteps for global development, the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative is developed slowly. Lovol is actively expanding its ‘Friend Circle’ among the countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and others while promoting the upgrading of its capacity in whole-value chain including R&D, manufacturing, marketing, service orderly, and obtained good performance in the competition, and got large orders successively from the countries along the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative. In 2017, Lovol has made unprecedented new breakthrough in the core business of Southeast Asian markets – the sales of tractor increased by 15% on a year-on-year basis; the export of the rice harvester has grown by 33% on a year-on-year basis, showing a fine trend for continuous growth, and it has become the new ‘growth pole’ for the overseas business of Lovol.



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