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Lovol new products hit UzAgroExpo

lovols.com updated: 2019-1-7

UzAgroExpo, an influential exhibition on agriculture in Central Asia, was unveiled on December 21. More than 200 quality exhibitors across the globe has gathered together in Tashkent for the exhibition, which attracted more than 20,000 professional viewers from European and Asian countries for a period of three days.

Lovol, a representative Chinese brand, brought to the site a series of new tractors, and threw a large event to promote its large horsepower tractors. Fashionable shape, beautiful design, and advanced technologies have won Lovol tractors rave comments of both audiences and experts, as well as lots of fans.

Lovol exhibits are third-generation tractors tailored for Uzbekistan’s unique user needs and agricultural conditions. High-torque engines and synchromesh transmission secure strong power and high efficiency. Air conditioner, sunroof, luxury interiors, adjustable seat and steering wheel – these new features along with new unibody cab create for drivers an amazing airtight space to control the tractor. LED head lights and tail lights, as well as streamline design present a fashionable, dynamic outlook.

‘I’ve been following Chinese agricultural machineries from last year. I heard my farmer friends talking about how efficient Lovol tractors are, and how fast aftersales service is. I am impressed to see them – beautiful outlook and amazing technologies. Plus, they are inexpensive. I plan to order two large horsepower tractors todays,’ said a customer from Tashkent.

The third-generation tractors have been launched in Uzbekistan, and they are expected to a great help for local farmers thanks to for durable quality and outstanding aftersales service.



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