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Lovol loaders and excavators participated in Pakistan highway project

lovols.com updated: 2016-3-28

On December 10, 2015, the construction of the largest-investment highway construction project – Karachi-Lahore Highway commenced. During the construction, over 60 Lovol loaders and excavators have been used for subgrade reinforcement and gravel & earth loading and delivery, which have effectively promoted the progress of the construction.

According to the records, the Karachi-Lahore Highway has a total length of 1152 kilometers. Upon completion, it will become a traffic artery connecting China as well as the central Asian countries to the Karachi port and the Lahore port. This highway is constructed by China and Pakistan cooperatively, in which a large scale state-owned communication construction company undertakes the construction of the third bid section (Abdo hakim-Lahore section), with a total length of 230 kilometers and construction duration of 30 months.

On the construction site, you can see the machineries of Lovol, playing very important roles, are running everywhere. Construction conditions on the site are extremely tough, as the geological conditions are complicated and changeable. The construction site is mainly covered by hard rock, sandstone and detritus belt, which brings difficulties in excavation process. Under the tough working conditions, Lovol loaders and excavators played an extremely important role, and resumed responsibilities of heavy duties such as hard rock crushing and excavation and gravel-earth loading and delivery, whose excellent performance has been recognized by the Constructor.

It is reported that the Lovol loaders and excavators used for this highway project are the latest model subjected to the energy-saving technology update, which features ‘powerful, reliable, safe and comfortable’. The machinery circuit is of dust prevention design, the comprehensive wear-resisting performance of the grab bucket has increased by 50%, the air cooling engine can operate normally under continuous high temperature, the ventilation quantity of the air-condition is 50% higher than specified in the industrial standards, and advanced technologies have been introduced to solve the leakage problem; In addition, the application of semimetal thermal insulation friction plate, two-stage air inlet filter system, high boiling point brake fluid and drum brake has provided the operator with a safe and stable performed machinery.

The machinery has advantages of short turning radius, advanced technology of multistage-power configuration and equivalent unloading, which make it possible for the Lovol Engineering Machinery products to, on the premise of guaranteeing normal operation under the complicate working conditions, realize the best match among power performance, maneuverability and oil-saving performance, ensuring the use value for our clients.

In addition to providing high-quality and efficient product, Lovol Heavy Industry has established an overseas service team to provide comprehensive maintenance and overhaul services to our clients. Besides, a perfect accessories supply system and the service stations have been deployed along the highway, so as to meet the 24-hour construction requirements of the largest scale highway project of “Pakistan Railway”.



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