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LOVOL holds its new agricultural product release and presentation in Myanmar

lovols.com updated: 2016-12-18

On December 18, LOVOL held its new agricultural product release and presentation in Mandalay (Myanmar). Integrating new product release, product presentation, test drive, product delivery, service explanation and consultant symposium, the conference became a significant milestone for LOVOL to provide integrated full-course agricultural mechanization solutions for countries implementing ‘the Belt and Road Initiative’.

About 30 agricultural equipment dealers attended the conference, which attracted over 500 professional audiences from all over the country.
It is known that LOVOL has introduced its new tractor product designed according to the agricultural operation characteristics in Myanmar, and has held its new product launch ceremony, where it provided the audiences with great opportunities to experience the excellent working performance and sophisticated service assurance system of LOVOL agricultural machinery product on site through a series of activities such as on-site demonstration of agricultural machinery product and supporting equipment, user test drive, real product explanation, and training.

In addition, by playing the advertising video on the big LED screen and LED advertising car on site, LOVOL’s new product and technology, as well as its international brand image, were shown to the public, and LOVOL’s capacity in providing complete mechanical equipment for operations from land plowing, seeding and field management to harvesting, straw treatment and grain drying was completely reflected. This activity has attracted full-course interview and report by Ske Net, the largest TV station in Myanmar, and has drawn extensive attention and received high praise from local government, industrial experts and end users.

During the conference, LOVOL held the advisory committee meeting for agricultural equipment product in Myanmar, in which secondary dealers and key users offered their ideas and suggestions and provided good suggestions in term of adaptability improvement for LOVOL products. LOVOL issued the letter of appointment to them and gave solemn commendation to representatives who had made great contributions in product marketing and services.

It is reported that activities such as ‘funny game’ and ‘purchase with gifts’ were held in the presentation, in which users on site actively participated with high enthusiasm and more than half of them experienced the excellent working performance of LOVOL product.

More than 50 LOVOL tractors and supporting products were sold on site. A farm owner who had participated in the test drive of LOVOL agricultural machinery product said, ‘Through this activity, I have not only experienced the high working performance of LOVOL agricultural machinery product, but also seen the capacity of LOVOL in providing full-course agricultural mechanization solutions for users by orienting to the user’s needs and attaching great importance to operation guidance and product improvement, and LOVOL product will become my first choice when buying agricultural machinery equipment in the future’.

It is also reported that LOVOL will hold a field product presentation in villages of Shwebo on December 20, which is close to the market terminal and will provide a wonderful product presentation for end users in Myanmar again.

Since the export of LOVOL’s first tractor to Myanmar to support the local agricultural production in February 2010, LOVOL has been actively and prudently engaging in developing the market in Myanmar. In Myanmar, it has established its market department and many accessory centers. The workers work hard to understand the users’needs and timely solve problems users have met in the use of products.

By doing this, they can not only provide the users with operation guidance and service support, but also improve the product design according to the local agricultural environment, so that agricultural machinery products meeting the local operation requirements can be provided for the users, and localized operation can be realized in an effective manner. The number of LOVOL agricultural machinery products in the market of Myanmar has been over 1,000 sets (including complete machines and related agricultural machinery products), and Myanmar has become the star spokesman of products ‘Made in China’.

Aligning to the national ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, integrating high-end resources around the world, establishing global operation system and innovating internationally under the development mode characterized by ‘R&D in Europe, and manufacturing and distribution worldwide’, LOVOL has realized the transformation and upgrading from single product export to providing integrated agricultural solutions for countries implementing ‘the Belt and Road Initiative’. To sum up, LOVOL is playing a leading role in the progress of industrial technology and accelerating the development of agricultural modernization.



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