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LOVOL FR480E-HD:boosting the railway construction project in Mongolia

lovols.com updated: 2020-2-20

On Feb. 20th, 2020, while people were worrying about the COVID-19 epidemic, Lovol was busy for their business new breakthrough – big order is blooming in Lovol.

It is the date of the first shipment of ten sets of FR480E-HD for Mongolia. Since the eastern railway construction project in Mongolia began to prepare in December 2019, a number of construction machinery brands from all over the world have participated in the bidding. After nearly a month’s competitive bidding, Lovol won the customer’s trust and won the bid by the machine excellent performance and reliable quality of FR480E-HD.

Since the signing of the contract, all the value chains are paid high attention for the order, they worked highly coordinated and worked overtime to ensure high-quality deliveryof orders. This order is another large order for 25 Lovol construction machinery equipment delivered to the transportation ministry of Mongolia lastyear.

Mongolia is a country which is rich of mineral resources, Lovol excavator is an assistant for the development of rich mineral resources, this order is another fruitful result ofthe in-depth cooperation between Lovol and Mongolian dealers. Since the cooperation between Lovol and Mongolian dealers in 2019, Lovol has sold morethan 60 units. Lovol FR480E-HD excavator is the first time to enter the Mongolian market, which greatly improves the popularity of Lovol products inthe market. We believe that with mutual close cooperation, Lovol will bring better quality products and services to the Mongolian people!

In recent years, Mongolia economy is rely on mining, but now supporting infrastructure has become a new trendof Mongolia’s economic development, and the demand for construction machineryis increasing day by day. By expanding overseas marketing dealers and relyingon the superior resources of local dealers, Lovol construction machinery group has established a strategic cooperation position. As a result, the reputation of Lovol construction machinery in Mongolia has been further enhanced. In thefuture, Lovol products will enter more mining areas to help develop mineralresources in Mongolia.



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