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Lovol attends Turkey agricultural machinery exhibition

lovols.com updated: 2016-3-26

From March 22 to 26, ‘2016 Turkey Agricultural Machinery Exhibition’ was held in Konya, Turkey, in which Lovol participated with a variety of products, such as TE, TB, TM series tractors, high-end brand Lovol Arbos tractors and MaterMacc seed planters. During the Exhibition, intention orders for more than 100 machines were placed.

It is known that this Exhibition was among the top-ranking regional Exhibition in terms of exhibition area, model machine number and site layout. As the only Chinese agricultural machinery brand that participated in this Exhibition, the Company’s perfect product portfolio and user group-focused product design met the users’ requirements on agricultural machinery. Meanwhile, it showcased the brilliant achievements Lovol Heavy Industry has made in technical innovation and globalization strategy in recent years.

The reporter noticed that Lovol Heavy Industry’s exhibition booth attracted hordes of people during the Exhibition. It was right at the critical point for seeding and ploughing in the spring of Turkey, so visiting customers were very interested in and showed strong intention to buy the tractors of Lovol Heavy Industry, which welcomed nearly 1,000 clients just on the first day of the Exhibition. ‘In 2013, I bought a Lovol tractor for my apple orchard operation. It was high-powered and fuel-efficient — very cost-efficient. I’m more than pleased. As the apple orchard keeps expanding and new requirements arise for orchard management, I plan to buy 2 more Lovol tractors in this Exhibition,’ said Nehati, a client from Konya.

Turkey is widely known as a traditional husbandry country. Thanks to the development of agricultural machinery and various agriculture-boosting subsidy polices introduced by the government, the number of tractors in Turkey keeps soaring with higher level of agricultural mechanization.
Turkey is one of the most important markets for Lovol Heavy Industry, which has exported a total of over 2,000 tractors to the Turkish market since 2009 and the sales prevailed in Chinese export brands. The products, which boast excellent quality and complete after-sale service, are greatly favored by the customers.

According to relevant Director of Lovol Heavy Industry, the Company had a deeper understanding of Turkish clients’ requirements on the technology and performance of agricultural machinery through this Exhibition, which provided huge support for the overall expanding of this market. In the future, the Company will provide Turkish clients with more comprehensive product portfolio and excellent after-sale service, and further promote agricultural mechanization in Turkey by integrating global high-end resources.



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