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Lovol attended Ukraine International Agricultural Exposition 2019

lovols.com updated: 2019-6-7

From June 4 to 7 at local time, the 31st Ukraine International Agricultural Exhibition opened at Kiev International Exhibition Center. Lovol made a brilliant appearance with a number of high-performance upgraded tractors known as star products. The exhibition was jointly organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine, the Ministry of Industry of Ukraine, Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Ukraine National Exhibition Center and Federation of German Industry. It focused on the most advanced technology and equipment in the whole agricultural industry chain and provided an ideal commercial platform for the global agricultural machinery enterprises to display, exchange and cooperate.

At the exhibition, Lovol products received much attention and gained popularity, and orders came in a large number. During the exhibition, effective orders of 97 tractors were obtained, including more than 40 90-130 high horsepower tractors, as well as supporting agricultural machinery orders, which achieved satisfactory results.

A user who came to book machine said, ‘In 2016, I bought two Lovol 24 horsepower tractors for farm production. They had few failures and saved fuel. They started well in the cold winter of minus 40 degrees. I was very satisfied. I ordered two more Lovol 504 tractors in this exhibition for the reliable quality of Lovol tractors!’

Ukraine is one of the largest agricultural producers in the world while agriculture is one of the basic industries in Ukraine. At present, it accounts for 34% of GDP, 29% of the population is engaged in agriculture, and agricultural assets account for 33% of the national fixed assets. 23% of the world’s black land is distributed in Ukraine. It is bestowed with fertile soil and 30 million mu of agricultural land. It also enjoys unique natural conditions suitable for the development of planting, stock breeding and fisheries with superior production conditions. Over the past few years, about 14,000 new farms have emerged in Ukraine. Together with 37,000 existing agricultural enterprises, they have completed about 70% of Ukraine’s agricultural production, and a large number of crops such as grain, corn, sugar beet and sunflower have been planted. Therefore, Ukraine also has the reputation of ‘world granary’.

In recent years, China’s agricultural machinery manufacturing technology has made considerable progress. The agricultural machinery exports have increased year by year, so has the international market space. It is timely to further develop the market of agricultural machinery products in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Since entering Ukrainian market in 2005, Lovol has been actively and steadily exploring Ukrainian market, and tractor exports have maintained an absolute leading role among domestic counterparts. Up to now, nearly 15,000 tractors have been sold in Ukrainian market. Lovol products have gradually broken through from small horsepower to medium and high horsepower and entered the mainstream user group. The products have gradually been highly recognized by users for their quality, and steadily occupied Ukrainian market in recent years.

In terms of business operation mode, Lovol has established its Ukrainian office, invested a lot of money in the construction of accessories centers and service centers integrating marketing, service, accessories, information feedback and other functions to form a perfect marketing service channel; and it also dispatches personnel throughout the year to station in Ukraine for tour service to make business reforms on product adaptability in a timely manner, thus achieving territorial operation effectively.

In addition, Lovol also timely adjusts its regional marketing strategy, actively participates in professional agricultural machinery exhibitions in Ukraine and surrounding Eastern European countries through experiential marketing, etc., to create a medium and high-end business platform with global competitiveness, enhance the export proportion of high-value-added and high-competitiveness products, and constantly improve its brand influence.



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