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LOVOL attended Moroccan international agriculture Fair

lovols.com updated: 2016-5-1

From April 27 to May 1, 2016, the 11th Moroccan International Agriculture Fair opened at the Exhibition Center of Meknes, an ancient city in North Morocco. At the exhibition, Lovol presented its three series of TE, TB, and TD, totaling 5 models of tractor products, which had drawn much attention from many customers. During the 5-day exhibition, LOVOL received over 100 customers and signed sales contracts involving over 40 sets, and achieved ideal effects.

Since the initiation in 2006, Moroccan International Agriculture Fair has gradually become the most influential exhibition in Morocco and North Africa at large. With the exhibition area hitting 100,000 m2, the Fair attracted 630,000 local and overseas specialized traders from 42 countries. Morocco is a traditional agricultural country, with agricultural lands of 9.3 million hectares.

Its unique geographical location and climate conditions have rendered a diversified ecological environment, making it diversified to plant agricultural crops. LOVOL attended the Fair with its products suitable for operations in different areas, and had thus attracted many customers to consult about and experience product performance through test drives.
Bolzano, a farmer from Casablanca, said, ‘I became a user of LOVOL tractors 10 years ago, as the adaptability of LOVOL tractor products is very good in the sand-dust area of North Africa. In addition, its products feature high quality, proper price, and good after-sales services, so it is well recognized by users. Now LOVOL has comprehensively upgraded its tractors in power systems, transmission systems, cooling systems, waterproofing systems, etc., making the product more efficient and reliable. ‘This time I am ready to purchase several more.’ On the afternoon of the Fair, Bolzano and his partners purchased 12 LOVOL tractors.

According to the introduction by LOVOL’s personnel, the Moroccan Government has vigorously carried out agricultural loans and incentives in recent years, to support farmers’ purchasing of agricultural machineries with government subsidies. In addition, the growth of export sales of Moroccan agricultural products has raised the demands on agricultural machineries and equipment. Based on users’ requirements and through earnest study on individualized demands of different countries and regions, and creative work, LOVOL has developed tractors suitable for local olive plantations, grain-growing farms, pastures ,etc. of Morocco, which have greatly met demands of local agricultural and animal husbandry production, improved local agricultural mechanization level, and contributed to local farmers’ yield and revenue increase.

With the proceeding of China’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, LOVOL, as a flagship enterprise in domestic equipment and machinery manufacturing, will give full play to its advantages and continue to explore markets of countries along the Belt and Road by concentrating superior resources, and further expand markets in the characteristic development model of global R&D, Chinese manufacturing, and global sales and distribution, as well as steadily improve its product competitiveness in global markets and local operation capacities.



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