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Lovol attended China’s agriculture (Serbia) fair 2017

lovols.com updated: 2017-5-18

Between May 15 and 18, 2017, China’s Agriculture (Serbia) Fair (2017) & the 84th International Agricultural Fair (IAF for short) was held in Novi Sad Exhibition Center, Serbia. In an attempt to promote economic and trade cooperation with Serbia and Central and Eastern Europe, Lovol took a variety of its tractors and harvest machinery to attend this Fair. With their attractive appearances and newly upgraded product performances, Lovol exhibits have drawn wide attention and good reputation.

These Lovol products are specially developed for the Eastern European market. These ‘star’ products, in line with the local operating environment, include Lovol second generation tractors 254 (narrow tread), 454, 504 and 904, Lovol third generation tractors 504, 604 and 904, as well as Lovol GE50 grain harvester. At this exhibition, Lovol occupied the best-located and largest booth with its perfect agricultural equipment combination. It attracted numerous audiences to stay for judgment and praise. From time to time, some customers tried to test drive to feel the great feeling of technical manufacturing brought by Lovol.

Serbia, called the crossroad of Europe, is the only land route for connection of Europe and Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It radiates about 25 million people in the former Yugoslavia area, as well as such surrounding EU countries as Austria and Italy; moreover, it also involves the Commonwealth of the Independent States and Mediterranean countries. In the meanwhile, Serbian economy is growing rapidly, so it is called ‘The Balkan Tiger’. With fertile cultivated land, orchard and meadow, as well as abundance with corn, sugarbeet, wheat, sunflower, soybean, apple, plum, and grape, the agriculture is the traditional advantageous industry in Serbia. Besides, 70% residents are fond of gardening.

Also, construction and maintenance for urban and courtyard green lands have been basically mechanized. As a result of this, for the extraordinary demands for agricultural and gardening machinery and parts, Serbia and the surrounding regions have become the main places of consumption for agricultural and gardening machinery. In the exhibition site, a constant stream of customers came to consult for tractors and harvesters. Lovol third generation tractor was unveiled first at this Fair, attracting the wide attention from people in Serbian social circles and local media. During the Fair, Lovol’s booth received almost 600 interested customers, and completed the intentional orders about more than one hundred machinery. This made Lovol the biggest winner at this Fair.

It is reported that IAF has been held every year since 1934. As the larger potential agricultural fair for ’16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe’, it has been authenticated by Union of International Fairs (UFI), and strongly supported by the National Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Water Resources in Serbia. Except for this, Premium Brands China (PB) has been held during the period of IAF since 2016.

At this Fair, the well-known boutiques made in China will be exhibited. It provides the Chinese exhibitors more business opportunities and promotes the exhibition effect in such ways of value-added directed exhibition, point-to-point buyers’ invitation, and pairing on scene. In the PB last year, Tomislav Nikolić, President of Serbia, appeared in the site in person to visit the Lovol booth, and highly appraised Lovol new generation tractor. For this, the local media made a great whoop about Lovol, making enough attention.

With compact and stylish appearance, and comfortable driving, as well as application of shuttle-type gear, speed change by synchronizer, lateral operation and convenient operation, the new generation tractor emphatically introduced by Lovol is the ideal multi-functional power machinery for agriculture and garden in Central and Eastern Europe, even the Middle East and African region. Mithosfe, a user from Pancevo, said, ‘Lovol tractor has strong power and increased hydraulic flow, so it is very suitable for our field operation. Moreover, Lovol tractor can deal with cultivation, transportation and material throwing freely, so it is the super star in our mind!’ Lovol has improved the sales service network in locality, and Lovol tractor has been the start product in the local users’ mind.



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