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Lovol assists the stadium construction of 2016 Olympic games

lovols.com updated: 2016-2-28

The 31st Summer Olympic Games will be held in Rio, Brazil from August 5 to 21, 2016. Driven by sports events, hundreds of construction organizations gathered around Rio de Janeiro for busy construction.

Lovol, being one of them, took the business opportunity and actively engaged itself in the construction of Brazil. Lovol loaders and excavators appear at the construction site of airports, railways, ports, mines, highways and stadiums, effectively guaranteeing the construction progress.

At Deodoro Stadium, the reporter saw that Lovol loaders and excavators were under busy work, undertaking the heavy-load tasks of loading and unloading of sand and aggregate, transportation, hard rock excavation, crushing, forking timbers. To ensure the smooth construction progress, Lovol has always put the needs of clients first and sent service teams to provide stationed service.

Mr. Cui, General Manager of a Chinese Construction organization, said: ‘After over six years’ construction since we came to Rio in 2009 for the construction of Deodoro Stadium, the Stadium is basically completed and now it is in the final closure phase. Over the six years, the 80 plus sets of Lovol loaders and excavators have become the main force of stadium construction. Meanwhile, we have also undertaken the construction of Aquatics Center, Olympics BMX Center and Athletes Village for Rio Olympic Games with construction machinery products of Lovol, which boast good quality, liability, fuel conservation and timely service. The products have been of help for our work.’

Brazil is a priority market for Lovol’s overseas business expansion. As early as in 2005, Lovol construction machinery had targeted at Brazil, a land of passion and enthusiasm. To expand product marketing scale, Lovol, apart from improving its product quality and cost performance, has also actively attempted to set up more localized channels over the past decade and more, including establishing branch company in Brazil, further developing the Brazilian Market and setting up multiple sales network and parts service center in Goias and Mato Grosso.

At the same time, Lovol has sent professional service team to provide periodical service for its clients, learn about their needs, and help distributors improve product performance and operation safety, meeting the requirements of clients. Currently, Lovol has approximately two thousand construction machinery products in Brazil and its brand awareness and product market share are constantly increasing.



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