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GM40V1M-001K(4YL-4M)lovol Wheel combine harvester

LOVOL GM80 Wheeled combine harvester is a newly designed combines which is used for corn harvesting and by changing some special parts, it can harvest wheat, rice, oilseed rape, soybeans and so on. The combines have such characteristics as high efficiency and excellent cleaning
system and comfortable driving.

Feeding capacity(kg/s)8
Rated power(kw)129
working speed(km/h)1.84~9.66
Center distance of plucking road(mm)750
Applicable line spacing range(mm)730-770
Main drumLongitudinal flow
Size of main drum(mm)Φ600×3145
Cleaning area(㎡)3.2
Volume of grain tank(m³)2.6

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