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GE80L4W-001K(4LZ-8E2) lovol wheel combine harvester

LOVOL GE80 Wheeled combine harvester is a newly designed combines which is used for wheat harvesting and by changing some special parts, it can harvest rice, oilseed rape, soybeans and so on. The combines have large feeding capacity and excellent performance.

  • Multifunctional: By changing header, cylinder, concave, griddle and other parts, the combines could harvest wheat, rice, soybean and other grains and make high earnings for the customers.
  • High speed: With high performance of 118kw/160 engine, more powerful and high efficiency. Lengthened combined type threshing cylinder makes threshing and separating more easier.  With low workload and high working efficiency. Enclosed strengthened and hydraulic rotary unloading auger shorten the unloading time.
  • High efficiency: Reasonable layout of operation levers make the operation more easily and more comfortable. All-in-one integrating large size screen integrate combine meters, parameters, cylinder speed and rear monitoring, which is more convenient and intuitively shown by touching the screen. Double reciprocate shaking fish-scale griddle in different directions adds the cleaning area and makes the grains clean with low loss.
  • More comfortable: Adjustable seat in six directions and the angle of steering wheel perfectly match the driver and reduce the driver’s fatigue and make driving more comfortable. Good sealing cabin like cars is with low noise and more quiet and clean environment. Injection modeling auxiliary seat with storing and heat prevention give more care to driver. LED front and rear lights gives better visibility.
Feed quantity(kg/s)8
Quality of complete machine(kg)5750
Working width of header(mm)2750
Main cylinderHorizontal flow
Grain tank volume(m³)2.2
Grade model of engineYC4A160-T310

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