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FSL45 Foton lovol skid steer loader

  • Compact structure, flexible mobility and suitable for narrow ground.
  • All-wheel drive, suitable for uneven ground.
  • Be capable of quick switching and completing the switching between different working devices instantly.

    Technical parameters

    Rated Operating Capacity      900
    Tipping load(Kg)      1700
    Bucket Capacity(m3)      0.45
    Lifting Force(Kg)      1950
    Hydraulic Pump Flow(L/min)      75
    Engine power(HP)      60
    Weight(Kg)     3150
    Max. Travel Speed(km/h)      12
    Grade ability(° )      20
    Tire     12-16.5
    Fuel/hyd. Oil capacity(L)      60/60


    A. Height at Maximum Extension      3690mm
    B. Hinge Pin Height      2920mm
    C. Total Height      2080mm
    D. Length with Bucket      3440mm
    E. Length without Bucket      2640mm
    F. Width with Bucket      1880mm
    G. Track Width      1500mm
    H. Wheelbase      991mm
    J. Ground Clearance      205mm
    K. Dumping Angle       40°
    L. Dumping Height      2250mm

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    Skid Steer Loader

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