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FR60E Foton lovol excavator

  • Original Yanmar engine, meeting China’s third-stage emission standards, strong power, high fuel economy.
  • Exclusive three-pump throttling system, intelligent confluence and regeneration with 8% torque increase and 6% fuel consumption decrease.
  •  Large passage main valve, large diameter pipeline, optimized pipeline direction, low pipeline friction loss, and reduce the energy loss of the hydraulic system by 5%.
  • Various work devices for various operating conditions(Optimized bucket shape, high loading/unloading efficiency)
Main Parameters6090*1950*2660
Operation Weight (Standard Configuration) (kg)5730
Standard Bucket Capacity0.18
Transport Dimensions(mm)6090*1950*2660
Bucket Breakout Force (KN)42
Stick Breakout Force (KN)31
Maximum Traction (KN)50.5
High-low Speed (Km/h)4.2/2.5
Climbing Performance(°)35
Total Length of the Crawler2550
Tail Turning Radius (mm)1700
Width of the Crawler400
Ground Pressure (Kpa)32.33
Turning Speed (rpm)10.2
TypeFour Cylinders, Direct Injection, Naturally Aspirated, Water-cooling
Rated Power/Rotate Speed (KW/rpm)36.2/2100
Rated Torque/Rotate Speed (N.m/rpm)198/1400
Cylinder Diameter*Stroke (mm)94*110
Output Value (L)3.054
Fuel Consumption (g/KW.h)247
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)120
Main Pump Pressure (Mpa)24.5
Main Pump Flow135*2
Maximum Digging Height (mm)5170
Maximum Dumping Height (mm)3500
Maximum Digging Depth (mm)3925
Maximum Digging Radius (mm)6110

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