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Foton Lovol explored Southeast Asia market

lovols.com Updated: 2015-5-30

Recently, FOTON LOVOL held a promotion event in Suratthani Province, Thailand attended by more than 100 dealers and end users from different regions of Thailand, which opened the prelude of experience marketing activities of FOTON LOVOL in Southeast Asia market in 2015.

It is known that the promotion event was started with dancing video of LOVOL transformer and the first loader of China that attracted much attention. Their lightsome dancing postures give full display of the good property of FOTON LOVOL loader, light operation. The audience there felt so astonishing and amazing at perfect performances of LOVOL load.

5t series LOVOL loader with super-long arm plus big bucket displayed on the promotion event, of which 5.7m winch height is the maximum unloading height worldwide, made customers on site amazed.

Sample machines displayed on the promotion event with differentiated improvements such as waterproof electrical connectors, increased water tank capacity, improved A/C configuration and additional front monitoring for high temperature and much rain working environment in Thailand satisfied requirements of Thailand market and were quite popular among customers there.

In addition, customers on site may have test seating or driving to fully experience high performances of FOTON LOVOL products. Owing to reliable product performances, 360° view cab and conformable operability of LOVOL loader products, customers on site feel more reassured at FOTON LOVOL products and 100 machines were ordered on the very day of the event.

‘I have a dozen of branches in Thailand, all applied with European products in the past. In the last year, I tried to buy 2 LOVOL loaders. Now they have worked for more than 2000h without any problems and LOVOL dealer offered me delivery training and good warranty. I feel quite satisfied. So today, I ordered another 20 loaders and now I’m a die-hard fan of FOTON LOVOL brand’, said by the biggest rubber factory owner in Thailand.

According to its leaders concerned, FOTON LOVOL has always put customers’ demands in the first place every since putting its products into Southeast Asian market from 2004 and assigned commercial and service teams every year to countries in Southeast Asia to pay friendly return visit to old customers, understand customers’ demands, as well as assist dealers in improving product repair skills and organization of various experience marketing activities. In this way, its brand awareness and market share keep increasing.

Under the background of China ‘One Belt and One Road’ development strategy, a batch of key cooperation projects between China and relevant countries along the ‘Road’ are launched one after another in terms of infrastructure, industrial investment, resource development, etc.

For countries in Asia-Pacific regions, key promotion points for China ‘One Belt and One Road’ strategy, mechanical equipment industry would be the main driving force.

Seizing the opportunity of Thailand promotion event and taking the advantage of ‘One Belt and One Road’ strategy, FOTON LOVOL focuses on Southeast Asia market, keeps improving experience marketing there and plans to carry out different forms of customer experience activities in the Southeast Asia market in an aim to providing customers with the most reliable heavy equipment products and speeding up infrastructure construction and agricultural production in countries along ‘One Belt and One Road’.



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