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Foton lovol African agriculture projects delivered

lovols.com updated: 2015-8-31

Recently an order of agricultural machinery projects aided for Africa by Chinese government has been successfully delivered from FOTON LOVOL.

The order covers 1,000 sets of high-horsepower tractors, 2,800 sets of agricultural implements and other production equipment, totally worth over RMB 100 million.

This is another big governmental project order in African markets after receiving an order of 200 sets of harvesters for FOTON LOVOL in this year. It is also the biggest agricultural machinery project aided for Africa by Chinese government since the founding of new China.

FOTON LOVOL tractors have been locally recognized with their good products and after-sales services since FOTON LOVOL exported the first tractor to Africa. With reliable quality, the products can cope with various working environments.

Meanwhile FOTON LOVOL has established a perfect service system in African markets to end users’worries. ‘Devotion for You’ – LOVOL’s services have become a ‘Gold-lettered Signboard’, obtaining users’ trust and good reputation.

The brand influence keeps expanding and purchase repeating rate keeps rising. LOVOL’s products have become local farmers’ good helpers and also greatly facilitated development progress of agricultural mechanization in African countries.

FOTON LOVOL quickly set up a special team to push relevant works as soon as it received the order, and then relevant personnel coordinated production and package, checked the progress for the delivery, seriously inspected product quality and tried to deliver the best products to customers as soon as possible.

FOTON LOVOL has focused on product modification and done quite a lot for product adaptability in recent years. It strives to meet local users’ demands in every detail from product structure design to special supplies for parts.

As for desert climate in Africa featured by scorching heat, dry air and big sand wind, FOTON LOVOL has specially developed an air cleaning system with dry and wet air filters, effectively reducing premature wear in engines and making products much more suitable for local conditions. For adapting to maritime transport, FOTON LOVOL has prepared a perfect treatment scheme featured by loss prevention, damp prevention and rust prevention to avoid marine corrosion from impacting product appearance and quality.

FOTON LOVOL sent an overseas service team for Africa in advance besides delivering high-quality products on schedule for this project to locally conduct users’ training, build accessories warehouses, provide supports and guarantee for perfect and highly efficient service parts to deliver products and their usage. Through efforts in many ways, the first batch of 300 tractors and 650 machines and tools have been delivered, the rest products in the order will be delivered at the end of August.



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