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FL936H Foton lovol wheel loader

  • The multi-stage fuel filter ensures the cleanliness of the engine system.
  • The new reinforced frame and patented composite hinge structure have been fully verified millions of impact fatigue experiment.
  • The shaft sleeve adopts 20CrMnTi honeycomb shaft sleeve, and the inner surface adopts patented spraying process, and has self-lubrication function and long service life.
  • The engine is perfectly matched with the efficient drive system and hydraulic system to improve production efficiency.
  • Standardly equipped with 2.0 m³ bucket, the spading efficiency is higher. And the baffle plate on bucket prevent material from spilling.
Operating mass (kg)10250
Bucket capacity2
Rated load (kg)3000
Traction (kN)101
Digging force (kN)98
Unloading height (mm)2935
Unloading distance (mm) 1100
Min. ground diatance (mm) 340
Wheel tread (mm) 1850
Wheelbase (mm) 2880
Bucket outer turning radius (mm) 5990
Outline distance (mm) 7170*2420*3200
ModelWeichai WP6G125E22
Max. torque(N·m)500
Rated power(kW)92
Rated rotational speed(rpm) 2200
Gearbox shiftFront:4 gears Rear:2 gears
Max. speed39
Ply rating12
Steering angle38
Operating modelMechanically control
Sum of three items(s)9.2
Fuel tank(L)170
Hydraulic oil tank(L)120

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