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Finding favor in Netherlands, Lovol tractor graced the ‘European Garden’

lovols.com updated: 2016-10-2

In a pasture in Netherlands, there are a dozen Lovol tractors reaping alfalfa, shuttling back and forth. The scenery is so beautiful among the local livestock production.

Netherlands is known as ‘European Garden’, focusing on floriculture industry, stock farming, potato planting and processing in agriculture. In recent years, as the agricultural mechanization in Netherlands is developing rapidly, Netherlands’s requirements on agricultural machinery product keep increasing. Lovol grasped this opportunity and launched the new third-generation tractor whose function includes farm work, gardening work and orchard work based on the practical needs of local users. That has been widely approved by users.

The third-generation Lovol tractor has won a lot of fans in Netherlands’ market by its fashion appearance, beautiful design, advanced technology. Now, in the farms, orchards, and livestock farms in Netherlands, we can see the third-generation Lovol tractor busy working everywhere. Lovol puts its superior technology into this tractor, which owns fashion appearance, a wide view, friendly operation and great seal performance in isolating the dust and noise; the driving condition becomes more comfortable with luxury wide seat and car air conditioning; the big cab with panoramic glass makes Lovol tractor look more ‘handsome and in shape’.

In addition to its awesome appearance, its inner part is also amazing, and it pays much attention to make the fashion more practical. The configuration upgrading of the third generation product more tends to industry marketization. Advanced synchronization gear shifting technology is adopted for the tractor to avoid frequent clutch stepping and gear shifting from the driver, thus the left foot and right hand of the user is completely liberated. The engine of the tractor is capable to work at the best power point and economic point under any work condition, so as to obtain high efficiency and energy saving of the whole machine. It is a top tractor made in china, which is based on global design and stepping to the world, becoming a new benchmark of the market segment.

As a farmland owner in the suburb of Amsterdam, Glaws said: ‘As a fancy equipment, Lovol tractor is reliable with high quality, and it is very comfortable for me to operate and control this machine. Besides, the after-sales service and spare parts have been provided in time. I have been taking advantages of the tractor for more than 8 months; it showed me excellent performances. It is very comfortable for me to drive the tractor, and it has never been out of work. It is a great helper for us here.’

In order to provide the Dutch users with reliable Lovol products, Lovol Heavy Industry has been engaged with a lot of after-sales service work: organizing service technicians to conduct continuous itinerant services; providing professional training for the local tractor drivers on product usage, repair, maintenance, etc.; building several spare parts supply warehouses to support the production and income increasing of local farmers and promote the improvement of the agricultural mechanization in this region.



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