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Continuous innovation enables new Lovol tractor made landfall on Ukraine

lovols.com updated: 2017-6-8

‘I bought the first Lovol tractor in 2014 for field work and transportation. I have purchased three for their few faults and timely service and accessories provision. I am very satisfied. The third generation Lovol tractor is presented at this Fair. Its appearance, configuration and technology all improve a lot. Now I am ready to order another 60 HP Lovol tractor.’ A client from Ukraine said.

On June 8, the International Exhibition-Fair for Agriculture was hold in Kiev, Ukraine. Lovol took its tractors TE244, TE354, TE354 (flat floor cab), TB504, and TD1054 to the Fair. Moreover, it held the publishing ceremony for new Lovol brands and products. This marks that new Lovol brands and products officially enter Ukraine, laying a firm foundation for operation of the subsequent Lovol brands and promotion of new products in Ukraine region. By virtue of the fashionable appearance and advanced technology, the new Lovol products received high comments from users and industry experts in this Fair. During this Fair, Lovol staffs received about 113 clients, and signed on-site sales contracts for about 24 tractors which could be CNY 2.3 million in worth.

As the third largest food exporter in the world, Ukraine has been long reputed as ‘the Granary of Europe’. From this, it has been possessed by mainstream agricultural machinery brands. Since the export of the first tractor to Ukraine to support the local agricultural production in 2006, Lovol has been actively engaged in developing the market in Ukraine. In Ukraine, it has established its market operation department, marketing, service and accessory centers. The workers stationed for a long time working hard to understand the users’ needs and promptly solve problems users have met in the use of products.

By doing this, they can not only provide the users with operation guidance and service support, but also can improve the product design according to local agricultural environment, so as to provide agricultural machinery products that can meet local operation requirements. As of now, more than 20,000 Lovol tractors have been sold cumulatively in Ukraine, resulting in effective localization operation.

Upon ten years of continual investigation on field working condition, as well as product improvement and innovation, the third generation Lovol tractors have come into the market recently. On the basis of upgrading of a series of advanced technologies, the third generation Lovol tractors TE, TB and TD have optimized overall performance curves, achieving best matching between power consumption and power, and power reserve reaches 40%. The range of speed ratio is further expanded by applying synchronizer for shuttle shift, which can fully meet the requirements of deep scarification, soil preparation, harvesting and transportation.

Moreover, it has optimized appearance, more humanized design and more up-to-date modeling; also the vision is more wide for the large-area panoramic glass cab. What is more, these tractors are equipped with luxurious and wide seats designed and produced by GRAMMAR according to European users’ body sizes. As a result of this, they can better meet the users’ operation demands, and bring about more comfortable and efficient product experience.

Nowadays, Lovol tractors can be found everywhere in Ukraine’s farmlands. It is believed that Lovol brands and products will be acknowledged and accepted by more users with the third generation products’ influences. In the future, Lovol will make more contributions to agricultural development in Ukraine, the ‘Granary of Europe’.



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