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500 LOVOL tractors handover ceremony held by the Burkina Faso Government

lovols.com updated: 2017-11-11

At 10:00 am on November 11, 2017 local time, the 500 LOVOL tractors handover ceremony and celebration was held by the Government of Burkina Faso in West Africa in the significant agricultural town of this country- Bobo Dioulasso City, the capital of Houet Province.

More than 1,000 people, including the Burkina Faso President, the Agriculture Minister, the Commerce Minister, the Governor of Houet Province, and the representatives of agricultural mechanization department, bank, business circle and users, attended this celebration. The overseas business representative of LOVOL was also invited to attend this activity.

Those 500 LOVOL tractors are the important measure to enhance the agricultural production and boost the national economic development after the new Burkina Faso Government came to power. The government of this country paid high attention to this handover activity. The handover ceremony is a significant event in the agricultural development history of this country, and also a milestone during the development of modern agriculture.

At beginning of 2017, in the 500 tractors procurement project of Burkina Faso Government, LOVOL tractors were favored by the government owing to their reliable product quality and perfect service solution, and finally defeated many domestic and foreign rivals and won this agricultural machinery procurement project which is the largest project of this country in recent years. As of the end of October, LOVOL had completed the reassembling of all the tractors and accessories, and prepared for the handover to the user for the agricultural production next year.

On the ceremony, after the Agriculture Minister and the Governor of Houet Province gave the exciting speeches respectively, President Kabore got on one LOVOL M504 tractor. When he turned the key and the tractor started with powerful roaring, the warm applause was given on the site.

Afterwards, President Kabore handed over the key to the user representative, and gave a short speech to the news media, saying that the handover and use of the tractor of famous Chinese brand will fill up the agricultural mechanization blank of the country, and the government will always provide the most favorable supportive policies, best full-course service and most excellent development environment for the China- Burkina Faso agricultural cooperation project in order to improve the people’s living standard.

It is known that Burkina Faso located in the west Africa is a inland country upstream of Volta River. Its national economy is dominated by the agriculture and animal industry which occupies almost 80% of labors all over the country. There is 3,270,000 ha. farmland in the country, including 1,500,000 ha. irrigated land. The main food crops include rice, broomcorn, millet, corn and cassava. The main commercial crops include cotton, peanut, sesame, among which the cotton is the major commercial crop and product exported for earning foreign exchange.

The granting of 500 LOVOL tractors will improve the current agriculture situation of Burkina Faso greatly, and ensure the secure execution of agricultural development and construction. Sun Deming, the overseas business representative of LOVOL expressed that LOVOL will take the opportunity of this handover ceremony to do well in various after-sales service, use the first-class service to guarantee the agricultural construction of Burkina Faso, and to make new contribution to the agricultural innovation and development of this country. The cooperation between the government of Burkina Faso and LOVOL will have a positive and deep influence. They will enhance the cooperation in future to draw the grand blueprint of agricultural modernization.

Recently, in the special ‘globalized’ development mode, LOVOL quickens the implementation of its ‘going out’ strategy. Meanwhile, taking the opportunity of national ‘the belt and road’ strategy, LOVOL has brought its high-tech products to the wider international market to enhance its competitiveness in the international market.



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