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50 Lovol loaders delivered to Libya

lovols.com updated: 2015-10-2

Recently, LOVOL reported the good news that they have received another 50 loaders order from Libya, which is the largest machinery order of this year in Libya market, and this batch of loaders will be all delivered before the end of the month.

It is understood that Libya is intensively trying to heal war wounds after suffering wars, thus it has an increasing needs for construction machinery. By virtue of excellent performance and high adaptability, LOVOL Loaders have made immense contribution to the postwar reconstruction work of Libya, which makes it popular among local users and become the first choice of construction machinery users, thus its repeat purchase rate rises perpendicularly as well.

Our reporters understand from LOVOL that this order covers two models, LOVOL FL936 and FL956, both are long-tested models by markets. Their structural parts adopt advanced finite element analysis and robot welding, thoroughly solving the weld failure problem; adopt advanced seal standards and pressing technology, effectively solving the leakage problem; with strong impact resistance, intensified torsion resistance, the two models of equipments are solid durable, leading the industrial standards.

After receiving the order, LOVOL organized a special dispatching meeting rapidly, to coordinate the arrangements of Production, Package and Delivery Department, ensuring the progress and product quality and striving to deliver the products with best quality to users as early as possible.

It is worth mentioning that LOVOL has developed products that are suitable for local characteristics according to the agriculture, climate features of different regions of the world and successfully implemented the differentiation launching strategy, making its products are more applicable in the overseas markets.

As for the climate in Libya featured by dry air and big sand wind, LOVOL loaders are specially equipped with a desert-type air filtration facility with dry and wet air filters, to ensure more clean air intake and further improve the adaptability of products.



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